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Name:Toro [Tom Raymond]
Birthdate:May 7
Location:United States of America
Character Name Ψ Tom "Toro" Raymond
Character Canon Ψ Marvel Comics
Character Timeline Ψ Post World War II (1949)
Extra Details (a brief description of your AU, game, etc) Ψ Toro is a mutant who was the partner to The Original Human Torch, Jim Hammond. His mutant abilities mimic Jim's pyrokinetic abilities because Tom was exposed to the Horton Cells that make up Jim at a very young age. He also ages very slowly even though he died at about the age 45, but looks like he's barely 22.

Age: 25, looks to be 18
Appearance: Tom is about 5’8”, with black hair, blue eyes, and an athletic build. He’s 25 years old, but looks to be even younger because his mutant abilities began to slow down and even at times regress his body’s aging process after he came into full breadth of them. It’s very easy for him to be mistaken for 18 or around that age.

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Player Kathrine
Email Ψ spkathrine[at] Ψ split_persona02[at]
Livejournal Ψ [profile] sp_kathrine
Plurk Ψ chocolateisbrainfood
Time Zone Ψ EST (GMT -5:00)
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